Dubai Aerial Filming

Aerial filming in Dubai with RC Helicopter


Our multi-copter ready to take our 5D mark3 in the air.

A very cost effective way to do aerial filming in Dubai to use remote control helicopters or drones.

Whether you are an international producer or a corporation based in Dubai I can help with your shooting permissions, and remote controlled helicopters equipped with HD cameras.

Dubai Aerial filming reel

How much does an aerial shoot cost?

A regular aerial shoot with a helicopter, pilot, cameraman, camera stabilizing system (cineflex or tylermount) will cost you between AED 50,000 to AED 100,000 for just a few hours. The cost of location permits is also added on top and means that a regular production budget can’t afford aerial shots in Dubai.

A remote controlled helicopter with a high-end HD camera on board can make aerial shots fit into your budget. A full day of filming gives you access to superb HD images taken from above for a fraction of the price of a conventional aerial shoot.

A remote controlled helicopter full day of filming usually starts at AED 15,000.  

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